Sunday, February 14, 2010

Turtle Painted

Turtle Painted? 
I was 10 years old down by the lakes shore when I caught my first painted turtle. It was a baby and it was a little bigger than a quarter. A fisherman walked over to me and told me that those kind of turtles were once painted by the Indians and that's why there shells are so colorful. It sounds hard to believe... but I believed it. I brought it home that day and my parents let me keep it. I was turtle crazy and I have been ever since. Now I know that painted turtles are just hatched with brilliant colors.

There are four subspecies of Painted turtles.

- Eastern Painted Turtle
- Southern Painted Turtle
- Western Painted Turtle
- Midland Painted Turtle

Each of these subspecies have there own markings that you can easily distinct them between another. Painted turtles grow to about 10 inches. Females being bigger and males showing much longer claws in the front.

Here are basic guidelines for a aquatic turtle setup.

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